Tara Osler

Tara Osler

Tara started writing for the Ubyssey in September 2018 after asking herself, “what’s the worst that could happen?” Since then, she has written travelogues on the various adventures she embarks on instead of studying, as well personal essays and reviews of museum exhibits on campus. When she’s not writing, Tara studies history and international relations and plans more vacations to write travelogues about. To see what Tara’s prioritizing over studying, visit her Instagram or LinkedIn.


The myriad of objects stored away in these display cases rarely sees much traffic from students, but for those who are willing to venture into depths of IKB, there is a world of treasures waiting.

People like having names with a single, positive adjective that defines it. My name is a little bit harder to define.

Driving through the winding village roads, past white-washed houses and pubs with gilt-edged windows and the rolling hills covered in a patchwork quilt of rye and barley fields, it feels like an illustration from a child’s story book. There is beauty in Northern Ireland’s apparent simplicity.

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