Tristan Wheeler

Tristan Wheeler

Blog and Opinion Editor Tristan Wheeler started at the Ubyssey in November 2016 and quickly began writing about pizza, public transportation and comedy under Culture. After starting his smash-hit humour column, "99 Things to do at UBC Before You Graduate," he shifted to the world of Blog. The absolute fool became the Blog and Opinion editor in April 2018 and has really just been trying his best ever since.


No longer should young, urban couples have to drag themselves to the Yuletide Martha Piper baptismal fountain every year in order to be given gifts under their own personal The Shadows. It’s just not economical!

Over our 100 years of existence, we've had hundreds of amazing writers, photographers and editors. Lots of these people have gone off and had extremely successful and interesting lives, so we've compiled a list of Ubyssey editors and writers who have gone on to have a huge impact in the world.

Now’s the time to find out whether you'll be spending the better part of December in the soaking-wet, dark winter of Vancouver or if you’re one of the lucky few who will be zipping home on November 30.

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