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Another year of sports and recreation at UBC is almost in the books, and that means The Ubyssey‘s esteemed sports panel must answer the hard-hitting questions one last time. Who rose to the top? Who sank to the bottom? What lies ahead for the future?

I speak for the editorial board when I say we’ve enjoyed reading every piece immensely, and though we didn’t have room to print every submission we received, rest assured yours has impacted us, challenged us and made us think.

We were just served notice that UBC is appealing the court case we've been fighting them on for the past three years. The one where the BC Office of Information and Privacy (OIPC) struck them down. And then they sued the OIPC. And then we won again.

It's great that UBC is trying to build more fitness spaces for students, faculty and staff, but if they are really serious about it, they should stop screwing around with gimmicks like lazy rivers and giant heated bathtubs.

Every year, more students fall through the cracks or find that they are not able to meet their academic requirements. This isn't the generational failing of millennials asking for more time off to procrastinate on homework.

The AMS is hosting their annual AGM on Monday, October 31. To help get you through it, play along with this special bingo card. The card was originally made by our friends at The Varsity at the University of Toronto.

Every year there are new and exciting things to do here at UBC. We've compiled a list of some of our favourites. If you do manage to complete every item on this list, please let us know how you survived.

While the campus's population may have decreased by a few thousand, UBC managed to remain busy over the summer! From the Olympics to the drafting of a new sexual assault policy, here's a recap of what students — old and new — may have missed.

While we warmly welcomes our new 15th president to UBC, there are some things that definitely need to change around here. The Ubyssey has kindly taken the time to create a to-do list in an attempt to point Ono in the right direction.

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