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1. Find The Ubyssey’s office 2. Beat an editor at Smash Bros. in The Ubyssey’s office 3. Write for The Ubyssey. 4. Name a squirrel 5. Fight a squirrel 6. Take a nap at the UBC Aquatic Centre 7. Swim in the fountain 8. Piss in the fountain

This election features two powerhouse women who have given an incredible amount to students on this campus already, and who are capable of giving even more as president. With either candidate, the AMS and the student body would be in good hands.

There are 34 candidates running in the 2016 AMS elections at UBC. Click through to watch videos and read profiles of the people running for President, VP Academic, VP Admin, VP Finance, VP External, Board of Governors and Senate.

We asked more than 2,000 of you how you do it, and you told us way more than we wanted to know. It's fully anonymous, totally scientific* and 100 per cent juicy. What are you waiting for? Dive into UBC's dirty little secrets.

We've put together a stimulating supplement on sex, sexuality and relationships for university students. Features include the science of sex, adventures with Tinder and a writer's flirtation with the the world of kink.

Besides the obvious, “Oh my god, is this really happening right now?” running monologue, what really happens in our brains during sex? A complex response of electrical signals and hormones deliver to us those sensations of pleasure.

Here’s a scenario: it’s 2 a.m., you’re on campus with your significant other and you want to get intimate. If you’re in residence, your situation is easy. But if a bed is a lengthy commute away, you are gonna have to find somewhere private.

We're not arguing that UBC should be writing about men’s team’s new uniforms — they should be focusing on the near-superhuman achievements of all their athletes — but they definitely shouldn't be only writing about the women’s teams.

2015 was a busy one. Fortunately you had The Ubyssey to distract you with articles about Mandopop stars, hot profs and tuition increases. We've compiled our top 10 most popular articles from the past year:

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