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UBC women's hockey team secured their fourth Canada West championship after a weekend sweep against the Saskatchewan Huskies last week. The T-Birds will head to the U Sports National Tournament in PEI happening from March 24 to 27 in an attempt to capture their first ever national championship title.

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I’ve only known him for two months, but it feels like a lifetime. These drives from point A to point B are really the only time we spend as just the two of us, but I feel safe with him in ways that I don’t feel around people who I’ve known 10, 20, 100 times longer.

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And I realized that we could love each other and have a platonic, intimate friendship. The kind where you can talk nonstop without worrying about making a fool of yourself. The kind you’re willing to put ahead of boyfriends and girlfriends when the other gets their heart broken. The kind people write books and make movies about.

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I thought that people would at least make an effort to get to know me, especially if our personalities seemed to match. But all they saw was a short, not-skinny girl of Chinese descent.

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