Zak Vescera

The typical Thunderbird doesn’t fly to Hastings-Sunrise very often. In the northeast corner of Vancouver, it’s as far from campus as you can get (without stepping on SFU turf). Luckily “as far as you can get” in Vancouver is about an-hour bus ride, and while Hastings-Sunrise is primarily residential, this relaxed corner of town is well worth the visit.

Since Canada Day on July 1, over 7,000 migrants have claimed asylum in Quebec alone — many of them Haitians who fear their status of “temporary protection” in the US will soon come to an end.

Adi Pick, a fourth-year international relations student, is one of 19 candidates running to replace the nine Vancouver School Board trustees who were fired last year. Along with being an independent candidate, she is also by far the youngest contender.

UBC is a cage, and not just for the Thunderbirds. After a couple months the campus feels like how Buchanan Tower looks; plain, imposing, and vaguely Stalinist.

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