Zak Vescera

Zak Vescera

Web News Editor Zak started at The Ubyssey in August 2017 after he interviewed a prominent local artist and a neo-Nazi in the same week. His work at the paper has been disrupting his sleep schedule since. He's interested in student government, labour contracts, drug policy, and anything else that distracts him from the void. When he's not in the office, he moonlights as a student in the dual degree between Sciences Po and UBC studying International Relations and French. For UBC news, general tomfoolery, and to send him a tip, find Zak on Twitter:

VP Finance candidate Linda Huang has announced that she is officially withdrawing from the race, leaving Kuol Akuechbeny and Adam Forsgren as the two remaining contenders for the position.

In the face of the ongoing fentanyl overdose crisis, UBC and campus organizations are taking steps to provide medical and psychological support for substance users. Many of these steps are based around the philosophy of harm reduction — principles and methods that make substance use safer for users.

The society can now expel people from AMS property for criminal violations as well as 12 “nuisances,” including some that would affect low-income or housing insecure people such as “using the Premises as a private bathing facility” and “salvaging discarded food from garbage cans on the Premises.”

Few political theorists have inspired as much discussion, admiration, or ire as Francis Fukuyama. In 1992, Fukuyama famously predicted that the collapse of the Soviet Union signalled a global regression towards liberal democracies, signalling an “end of history” as we knew it.

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