I know all of these movies have their flaws and are definitely not as intersectional as one would like, but as someone who loves watching badass women be their badass selves, I've finally narrowed down the list of incredible feminist movies down to an iconic five.

We can learn a lot from our academics, but we can learn even more from our extracurricular activities. Whether it’s learning how to write, how to defend yourself or how to dance, UBC is full of various clubs that can teach you something outside of the classroom.

You’ve probably realized by now that once the rain clouds roll out mid-September, they pretty much station there until school ends in April.

Bask in the glory of finishing your midterms for awhile, but then realize your term papers are due on the same day of an exam. Then come hug our features editor before she turns into a puddle.

At 8 a.m. on October 24, some one thousand people will be right there with you, ready to pack into the back of the bus, not even waiting to hear that immortal “please move to the rear of the bus” — head on over there if you’re a transit martyr.

“Just through the grapevine, people in Toronto started asking about us and then Ottawa and then Quebec city. We’re starting to do the same thing for the US as well now, but our real progress is in Canada especially Vancouver and Toronto,” said D’Amour.

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