Without a doubt, the washrooms in Kenny are one of the dirtiest in the nation. I am still suffering from the emotional trauma I received the time I had to go there. I felt like I was trapped in a small cubicle where no one would find me.

The event is in support of the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup, which aims to clear all beaches of trash and to raise awareness about the garbage we produce in various communities across the country.

Going outside by choice may seem like a foreign concept to some of you. However, Vancouver in the summer is nothing short of spectacular. With mountains to hike and the ocean to swim in, you’ve got endless activities to try out.

You're stressed, overwhelmed and probably haven't showered in longer than you'd like to admit. Tonight is the eighth-annual Undie Run and what better way to expel all the academic angst than a good jog with the wind and rain against your skin.

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