What drew her to UBC in the first place, let alone the Nest, is beyond me, but it's pretty cool to see some of the places you walk past every day — even if they are just study rooms or elevators. Watch the full video below.

If you are excited about leading and interacting with others, UBC’s Electrical/Computer Engineering Department is looking for Student Ambassadors to aid in facilitating events for the Vancouver Summer Program.

Last year the AMS held a competition to name the new bubble tea shop opening in the Nest. The winner got a drink named after them, so perhaps this is the time to pull out the dad jokes and bad puns to have a taco named in your honour.

While this may seem like an unnecessary added expense, one of the main goals of the ten-year plan is to reduce overcrowding and I'm pretty sure we can all spare a dime or two to avoid getting elbowed in the face every day while commuting on the 99.

Suffering from that mid-day slump? Try Power Cycle, located conveniently in the Bird Coop. I had some doubts about the cramped, dark room, which lacks the elite features that establishments like SoulCycle boast.

With a large selection of different beers, wines, whiskeys and cocktails, as well as a menu filled with all sorts of pub fare, this is an excellent choice for students who want the convenience of getting tipsy right on campus.

We’ve previously published a guide explaining the process for beginners, but if you want to get a step ahead in your housing search, you’ll need to dig through a lot of rental sites and contact as many suitable places as you can.

Without a doubt, the washrooms in Kenny are one of the dirtiest in the nation. I am still suffering from the emotional trauma I received the time I had to go there. I felt like I was trapped in a small cubicle where no one would find me.

The event is in support of the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup, which aims to clear all beaches of trash and to raise awareness about the garbage we produce in various communities across the country.

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