12 things that will probably happen before the new SUB opens

Disclaimer: yes, we're aware it's called the Nest, but how many people have you heard call it that?

There have been a lot of setbacks in the production of the AMS Student Nest. It's hopefully coming soon, but we've heard that story before -- here are some things that'll probably happen before the Nest opens:

1. Sauder adds the man bun to their list of pre-approved haircuts.

2. A Thunderbird game sells out.

3. The SUB’s Subway gets a Michelin star. For service.

4. UBC carefully considers and acts on student feedback.

5. The Compass Card system is fully integrated in Metro Vancouver and runs smoothly.

6. Everyone goes back to being okay with gluten.

7. Leonardo DiCaprio wins an Oscar (sorry, when you do a list like this, you just kind of have to).

8. Everyone agrees about bike lanes.

9. Everyone agrees about the transit referendum.

10. Everyone agrees about political issues in the Middle East.

11. The Broadway SkyTrain line opens.

12. Construction is finished.