The 20 best profs at UBC, according to

Chances are that if you've ever signed up for a class in university, you've looked at The online hub is for students to share feedback to other students on great — or terrible — professors they've had. We looked at professors, sessional instructors and other faculty on ratemyprof with more than 30 rankings (about a full-sized small class) and then listed the best of the bunch. The quotes are taken from their ratings page.

Did yours make the list?


Mark Van Raamsdonk, Physics 

"Awesome prof! He's really smart and extraordinarily funny. He really cares about his students and has really helpful notes."

Yves Tiberghien, Political Science

"His enthusiasm for the discipline, his familiarity with the literature and his applied experience amalgamate to create an ideal educational experience."

Henry Siu, Economics

"He made sure everyone understood, his exams were fair and he prepared the class well."

Stephanie Spacciante, Languages

"She keeps the class engaged, provides great notes and is super approachable."

Angelika Struch, European Studies

"So kind. What a nice lady. You might feel kind of like a kindergartner at times, but in a good way."

Lena Karlström, European Studies

"She saved me in this class. I'm not very good with languages, but I would take it again just for her."

Kishor Wasan, Pharmacy

"Fantastic Professor and Dean. Great "real-life stories" that relate the material to practical problems."

Calvin Roskelley, Physiology

"Such a kind professor. The lecture material can be dry, but I think Roskelley does the best job he possibly could. He is SO beyond helpful and nice to all his students."

Tamar Milne, Business 

"If you attend class and do the assigned readings, you're pretty set. She's an amazing lecturer and prof overall with a bubbly personality."

Jay Wickenden, Chemistry

"If weren't for him, I would have lost hope in all decent teaching staff in UBC CHEM."

Dragos Ghioca, Mathematics

"If you don't have him, skip your lectures to go to his."

Jackie Stewart, Chemistry 

"Jackie ... gives not only the perfect answer but also somehow more that what you were looking for!"

Fok-Shuen Leung, Mathematics

"Amazing clarity of thought, very creative going way beyond course material to inspire and fascinate. He will PUSH you hard in an honest way."

Lisa Brocklebank, English 

"I don't know how, but she actually made English fun."

Susana Alaiz Losada, Languages 

"Was planning to take Spanish 101 just to complete my electives, but she has inspired me ... to continue."


Angie O'Neill, Biology

"All her lectures were extremely clear and she went above and beyond to make students succeed."

Marc-David Seidel, Business 

"This new course [COMM 386D] is really different than the others I have taken. Really has shifted my way of thinking about entrepreneurship in a positive way."

Stephen Nairne, Political Science

"If you don't take a class with Nairne, I feel sorry for you. He has this strange knack for simplifying solutions and seemingly complex issues that few experts can nail."

Glenn Sammis, Chemistry 

"An extremely succinct, helpful, engaging and empathetic prof. Lectures are very informative and are presented in a clear, concise manner."


Colin Green, History 

"The BEST prof UBC has. Engaging lecturer. Shows great interest in student learning. Asks challenging questions. Taking his class is extremely worthwhile!"