97 things to do at UBC before you graduate

photo Geoff Lister / The Ubyssey

This list originally appeared in our 2015 First Year Guide to UBC (the print version).

We proudly present our annual bucket list of things to do at UBC before you graduate:

1. Find The Ubyssey’s office

2. Beat an editor at Smash Bros. in The Ubyssey’s office

3. Write for The Ubyssey.

4. Name a squirrel

5. Fight a squirrel

6. Take a nap at the UBC Aquatic Centre

7. Swim in the fountain

8. Piss in the fountain

9. Get drunk on Wreck Beach

10. Get naked on Wreck Beach

File photo Geoff Lister / The Ubyssey

11. Make fun of a Sauderite's suit

12. Cry over your Gupta shrine

13. Complain about first-years

14. Victory Lap

15. Write a paper hammered

16. Show up to an 8 a.m. class too hungover to function

17. Shotgun a beer

18. Shotgun a beer while taking a test

19. Pass the test

20. Triple O Tuesday. Every Tuesday.

21. Miss a final

22. Miss a midterm

23. Try every single dish at the Totem/Vanier cafeteria 

24. Be labeled an eco-terrorist by an elderly nudist

25. Get threatened to be expelled by an elderly nudist

26. Change your major

27. Paint the Cairn

28. Storm the Wall in a hotdog costume

29. Explore the steam tunnels

30. Out-prank the Engineers

File photo Geoff Lister / The Ubyssey

31. Have breakfast at Santa's

32. Long for the return of Stephen Toope

33. Get frisky in the Koerner library bookstacks

34. Outrun a campus security officer

35. Get on top of a roof

36. Figure out the top speed of a Plant Ops car

37. Run for elected office

38. Run for elected office as a joke candidate

39. Win elected office as a joke candidate

40. Find the Canopy Walkway at night

41. Pose for a Ubyssey sex issue photoshoot

42. Go to a Pit night

43. Get thrown out of a Pit night

44. Go to a T-Birds game.

45. Paint yourself blue and gold.

46. Get thrown out of a T-Birds game.

47. Vandalise the engineering E

File photo Jack Hauen / The Ubyssey

48. Take a picture of the leaves on main mall

49. Almost get hit by a bike while taking a selfie

50. Get hit by a bike while taking a selfie

51. Get pooped on by a seagull while walking

52. Get pooped on by a crow while walking

53. Take a Syrup Trap article seriously

54. Take a Ubyssey article seriously

55. Flirt with a TA

56. Flirt with a professor

57. Get hit on by a professor

58. Wake up in a dorm room that isn’t you dorm room. 

59. Instagram the shit out of campus

60. Wear a UBC lanyard

61. Make fun of first-years wearing a UBC lanyard

62. Unicycle on campus

63. Get lost hiking

64. Get picked up by Search and Rescue

65. Drink a beer on the top of Grouse

66. Call safewalk because you’re too lazy to walk home

67. Have a B-Line driver shut the door in your face

68. Visit the UBC hospital

69. Eat free food for a week

70. Swear at the construction fences

71. Learn to love the construction fences

72. Summit the cairn drunk

73. Fall off the cairn drunk

74. Work out at the Coop

75. Walk into a class that isn’t your class.

76. Walk into a Gateman class and have him recognize that you’re not from his class

77. Eat a UBC cinnamon bun

78. Take out a loan to buy a UBC sweatshirt

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79. Feed the squirrels

80. Study on a library floor

81. Vote in AMS elections

82. Watch a movie in a random lecture hall

83. Have a sleepover in a empty lecture hall

84. Hold a secret meeting

85. Find the chamber of secrets

86. Evacuate a fake fire alarm

87. Pet Carter the coyote

88. Get a rabies shot at the clinic

89. Visit the Nitobe Memorial Garden

File photo Josh Curran / The Ubyssey

90. Do the UBC Ropes Course

91. Run the Great Trek

92. Find the MOA

93. Mispronounce a Totem building

94. Listen to older students bitch about the new SUB

95. Complain about the Compass Card

96. Get your bike stolen and track down the thief

97. Steal their bike