Chill to the 99 B-Line Spotify playlist on your next commute

Lose control all you want — but don’t fall head over heels for them too fast. Spotify

Keeping yourself entertained during transit is so important. So if you're tired of podcasts about how to make kombucha, the 99 B-Line Spotify playlist was created for you. From ’70s legends with their unbeatable old school vibes to a popular K-pop girl group, the playlist, curated by Owen Yin, has everything for everyone.

“99” by Toto

Our beloved performers of “Africa,” Toto, certainly don't disappoint — chill and funky with a declaration of their unchanging love for 99. Be it the 99 people squeezed in with you, the 99 shakes at every single turn on the road, or the 99 incessant, annoying phone beeps of other commuters, we bet you will start to appreciate the 99 way more.

“Bus Bus Train Train” by Frankie Cosmos

Short, sweet, simple and middle school-y, with lyrics like “Bus bus, train train, makes me think I’m going far away.” Saying the 99 B route “takes you far” is an exaggeration, but it doesn’t hurt to daydream once in a while on a long trek to campus.

“Stuck in the Middle with You” by Stealers Wheel

Hum along to this song and awkwardly wink at that cutie standing in front of you while you ostentatiously occupy a coveted seat. Lose control all you want — but don’t fall head over heels for them too fast, or at least don’t fall off the chair like Stealers Wheel sings.

“Does This Bus Stop at 82nd Street?” by Bruce Springsteen

Sorry Bruce, it doesn’t. But hop right on to our 99 bus — you already charm us with your fast-paced, spontaneous and gleeful beats full of good humour. If only we could always keep up with your amazing high spirits as we commute to our 8 a.m. class.

Now you can bobble your head in sync with every bump of the bus to this trendy music. The playlist is 38 minutes in total, so there's room for two more songs to make it last the duration of the Commercial to UBC commute. If you take into account the long queues or potential delays due to two inches of snow, the ride can be lengthened to infinity anyways. But hey — the playlist can be on repeat since the party (I mean commute) never stops!