MEXSA also has asked that those who are unable to contribute money that they help spread the word about the donation box to support those in need. Whether it's a 25 cents or 25 dollars, any contribution is appreciated.

Questions have already started springing up for Ehrenholz, from what the process of running as a joke-candidate-turned-serious was like to how he plans to tackle the issue of student engagement.

If you are food-curious and want to learn more about food-related opportunities on campus, this is the chance to check out student groups like Roots on the Roof Rooftop Garden — the cool garden on top of the nest, The Astronomy Garden — a student led initiative that just started this summer and Sprouts.

Students will attend two of sixteen workshops that discuss topics such as poverty, hunger, mental health, education, gender equality, reducing inequality, accessibility, reduced role of finance in social issues, climate action and consumption and production.

It does take some getting used to navigating through the social maze of large classes that requires a bit of courage — or maybe more courage for a few — in initiating friendships with people you will meet for the first time in your life.

To keep you from getting stuck in a long-term relationship you can’t get out of, I have made a list of some potential red flags that may be a sign that you should to drop a course before it’s too late.

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