How to get into the holiday spirit — despite upcoming exam season

With the term rapidly coming to a close and exam dates on the horizon, it’s easy to get a little grinch-y.

That snow you thought was just a caffeine-induced hallucination was real and no matter which form of precipitation chooses to stick around, it’s time to find ways to keep things cheery.

Don’t be left feeling blue this holiday season, find whatever makes you feel festive and welcome it with open arms.

Get cozy

Whether or not you’ve got your love to keep you warm, a big part of feeling the holiday spirit is ensuring you maximize the feeling of coziness.

Find your largest sweater, preferably holiday themed, grab some blankets and get the kettle going. Personally, I reach for some chai tea with a splash of eggnog but there are loads of ways to spice up — or spike — your usual beverages.

Study by Christmas lights

Your environment can seriously affect your mood so ditch that harsh desk lamp and soften things up. If you haven’t already found a way to hang lights without putting holes in the walls, now is the time.

Decorate on a budget

Notice old papers piling up in your recycling? Do your part for our sustainable campus and turn that paper into decorative snowflakes. Tape these to your window for the illusion of snow even during torrential downpours.

Get outside

What little time you may have between your exams, although great for studying, is an excellent opportunity to get outside and do something that you wouldn't normally do. There are plenty of things to go see in the city so bundle up and get moving.

It might not be Rockefeller Centre but Robson Square and Grouse Mountain have ice skating. There will also be lights all over the city, plus a few different holiday markets spread across the Greater Vancouver area.

Then you can bundle back up inside with your favourite hot chocolate spot and hit the books.

Host a holiday party

Even if it's just a few friends in your dorm room, get together with some friends and celebrate being done classes next Friday!

Making it to the end of another — or your first — semester is a huge accomplishment, so bake some cookies, buy some drinks and get in the holiday spirit.