Wear your orange shirt tomorrow in remembrance of residential school brutality

Imagine your first day of school — you’re nervous but also excited for what’s to come. You go back to school shopping and find a new shirt to wear. You wear it feeling confident, but instead your shirt is stripped off of you, leaving you feeling worthless and insignificant.

Phyllis Webstad was only six years old when her brand new orange shirt was taken from her at the residential school she attended. Orange Shirt Day is an annual event inspired by a girl who wasn’t able to wear hers. Wear an orange shirt to honour those, like Phyllis, who were harmed in the residential schools. By wearing an orange shirt on September 30 you’re helping raise awareness that every child matters.

“At UBC, we are committed to creating a community in which human rights are respected, and equity and inclusion are embedded in all areas of academic, work and campus life,” reads the UBC announcement about the event. Show your support and wear your shirts to school on Friday, September 29.