Procrastinate your term paper until the night before and bask in the glory of hating yourself

If you use a semi-colon properly, bonus points will be offered. Natalie Morris

We’ve all been there, fully prepared and aware of our deadlines — knowing you have the comfort of planning out your workload so that you’re given ample time for revisions and micromanagement.

But did you know there’s another, more beneficial way to write a term paper?

It’s called “writing it the night before” and “slowly dying inside.”

Here are four reasons why you should write all of your papers in a caffeinated haze at 3 a.m. and join the cult of sleep deprived students:

It’s just way more fun

Sure, gradually writing your paper early is beneficial, relaxing and better for your grade but where is the fun in that? Spice your life up with the late nights, high stress and shot nerves of writing your paper the night before.

What’s more boring than the safe bet?

You’ll make work you never thought possible

Have you ever thought of a way to connect Facebook meme pages to Pride and Prejudice? How about Netflix binge watching to WWII military strategy?

When you’re writing your paper the night before, you’ll be surprised by the unique points you come up with. It’s only the caffeine-addled mind that can come up with a rebuttal to “I think therefore I am” that involves liquor, some vague term you remember from lecture and a discussion on the semantics of porn parodies.

Hate proofreading? Good! You won’t have time to

We all agree that proofreading for grammar, spelling and punctuation is the most boring part of any paper. But when you write it the night before, sentence structure is thrown out the window.

Whatever comes out of your fingers onto the page will be lucky if it ever gets to be read by anyone other than the marking TA. Toss commas in there like you’re salting a sidewalk, use words that sounds smart and if you use a semi-colon properly, bonus points will be offered.

Your grades will drop to a level below adequate

Working on a paper slowly and thoroughly is a sure-fire way to get a good grade. Cramming and panicking until the last possible moment usually lead to your grade taking a nose dive. Of these two options, the later is the no-brainer. You’ve obviously gotten good grades your entire life — you made it here! — so why not try the other side: fail, fail, fail!

Watch in glee as your average jumps down at least 15 per cent once that late night bad boy is written. Feel that rush of adrenaline you get when you’re worried you might drop out of school and that your habits are self-destructive.