UBC math professor's ‘exam writing uniform’ joke dupes some students


“Equipment and CATSA employees from YVR Airport will be brought in to ensure the highest calibre of professionalism and security.”

Is this excerpt from the developers of the next big Netflix drama that we all will be obsessed with? A new policy implemented by border protection services?

Surprisingly, it's neither.

Rather, this quote is from Professor Mark Mac Lean’s Reddit post, which proposed highly sensitive screening measures for students during math exams.

Although written with the intention of being a humorous spoof, the somber tone may fool the most observant into thinking that this is an actual policy proposal — for a second, at least. Even yours truly stumbled for a minute while reading that post.

Mac Lean made some pretty serious dad jokes in the comments section, which I really appreciated:

And some people took this suggestion very seriously:

Sounds like someone has a guilty conscience.

Although I am glad that — for now — my peers and I will not be treated as potential felons while taking our math exams, it is to a certain extent sad that the "modest proposal" is not real. We will not have the opportunity to witness flocks of students flutter with anxiety over the consideration that they may be suspected of trying to escape or avoid the security measures. After all, what is better than a little extra fear, anxiety and accusatory glances from security employees on the big exam day?