The top rainy day activities on and off campus

As a UBC student, there’s nothing more relatable than walking back from class, drenched in rain, thinking about transferring schools to a sunny destination. You’ve probably realized by now that once the rain clouds roll out mid-September, they pretty much stay there until school ends in April.

So let’s face it, it rains a lot in Vancouver, why let the rain stop you from enjoying your university experience? Here are some top things to do as a UBC student when it’s raining, that will get you motivated to get out and about, or feel a bit better about yourself when you stay home and do absolutely nothing.

Aesthetic coffee shops

Whether you’re catching up with friends or doing school work, coffee shops are a good place to go that make you feel warm and cozy on a rainy day. Loafe café is a nice place for studying on campus and is located on the main floor of the Robert H. Lee Alumni center. If you’re getting sick of staying on campus, check out Olive and Ruby in Kits, it’s as aesthetically pleasing as coffee shops go.

Do you even lift bro?

Take advantage of a rainy day with your Birdcoop membership and answer this question with “yes” the next time someone asks you. The Birdcoop is the UBC gym and it’s only a $30 membership per semester. Also, if you live on residence, most places like Marine Drive, Ponderosa, Place Vanier and Orchard Commons have their own smaller gym you can go to if you don’t want to pay extra for the already cramped Coop.

Cultured on campus

UBC’s campus is full of culture and most of the time we’re too busy to take advantage of it. From the display of First Nation art in MoA, to the cool exhibits in the Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery, we have something for everyone. So the next rainy day, visit one of our indoor museums and art galleries that not only keep you safe from the rain but are interesting to experience.

Netflix and legitimately chill because it’s cold outside

Okay so if weren’t already doing this regardless of the weather, watching Netflix snuggled up in your dorm room with junk food is probably a given for a rainy day. Since it’s rainy you won’t feel obligated to feel like you should be doing something, right?

Ramen no more

Whether you’re living that ramen noodle life, or you genuinely want to learn a new recipe, a rainy day is the perfect day to learn how to cook new foods. You’ve probably tagged your friends or roommates in those food videos on Facebook and have commented “we should try this” but never do because you’re lazy and never find the time. Well, if you find yourself bored doing nothing, pull them back up and get cooking.

Get S*** done

Yeah the rain sucks, but hey, when it rains it’s easier to study because you’re not distracted by all the things you could potentially be doing outdoors. Go get yourself a spot at Irving K. Barber or Koerner’s library and get all your work done so that when the sun miraculously does come out, you can actually enjoy it without stressing about school work.

I donut care about the rain

Don’t let the rain stop you from going out and having a donut, because who doesn’t love donuts? Cartems Donuteire in Kits has the most delicious selection of donuts around campus. Another good donut shop in Kits is Parallel 49 and it’s a cool place to study as well. You won’t regret bussing out to go grab one of these donuts.

Triple O… no it’s raining

Not only is Triple O’s conveniently on campus, but it’s also half price on Tuesdays and takes meal card. Escape the rain by grabbing a booth with your friends and having onion rings until the rain stops. You just might explode from onion rings, but it will be worth it in the end.