PSA: How to access your BC vaccine card if you were vaccinated outside of BC

Starting September 7, vaccine cards will be your ticket to get into restaurants, student residence, gyms and other places at UBC — in the rest of BC, this will take effect on September 13.

But what if you were vaccinated outside of BC or Canada? Here is what you’ll need to do ahead of the new restrictions.

First, you’ll need to register with the province’s Get Vaccinated system — the system used to schedule vaccine appointments. The online form will ask for your personal health number (PHN), which is located on the back of any form of BC ID. If you don’t have a PHN, you will need to register by phone at 1.833.838.2323 or at 1.604.660.2421 if you are outside Canada.

You’ll then receive a registration number — like if you were trying to get vaccinated for the first time — but you won’t need to set up an actual appointment.

If you are an international student that has not applied for BC’s Medical Services Plan (MSP), you may need to wait 30-45 days to receive a PHN. Until then, you can use the proof of vaccination you used to enter Canada and your passport.

Along with registering in the Get Vaccinated system, you will also need to submit official proof of COVID-19 immunization to the Provincial Immunization Registry. The form is easy: upload a picture of your immunization records (a vaccine card, document from a doctor’s office, etc.) and enter the dates you were vaccinated.

“Once entered in the Provincial Immunization Registry you can access your immunization record online through Health Gateway,” the online form reads.

Your records will be updated in two to three weeks, so be sure to fill out these forms as soon as possible. September 7 is only 13 days away.