Additional car-share parking is finally coming to campus

Geoff Lister

If you've ever tried to park on campus, you ought to know how awful the hunt for an open spot is. If you don't get there before 9 a.m. you will end up on the roof of a parkade — a kilometre from the building you needed to be in 10 minutes ago.

Now, parking on campus with your own car is hard enough, but parking on campus in any car-sharing vehicle is almost downright impossible. The space is limited and the spots always seem to be full.

However, University Neighbourhoods Association is coming to the rescue and adding four new parking locations on campus. Binning Road North, Binning Road, Gray Ave West and Hampton Place East will have new spots where you can park Car2go's, Evo's, Modo's and Zipcars.

UNA Car Share Parking Locations
UNA Car Share Parking Locations Google Maps

Car Sharing is a great and affordable way to get around the city. You also don't have to pay for parking on campus when you park in a designated car-sharing spot, which saves heaps of money if you're commuting by car.

Be sure to check out the different companies to find out which car is best suited for you and make your commute to campus a little bit easier.