Addy the bus loop guy is back on campus

UBC's favourite traffic controller and one of our biggest celebrities is back on campus. Adnan Sayani (Addy the "UBC Crossing Guard" or "bus loop guy"), has won over students, staff and visitors alike with his gregarious and cheerful personality, and he's going to be manning the crosswalk at the bus loop until at least the end of the week.

Sayani says that, though his days and hours are a bit sporadic, he's scheduled to be here until Friday and will have breaks from 11-2. Expanding beyond his comedic skill set, he also plans to bring his guitar with him to entertain and serenade his adoring fans.

So far, Sayani has been welcomed back with open arms, and it seems like Sayani is as glad to be back at UBC as students are to see him. Drop by the bus loop and pay him a visit sometime over the next few days.