Airing of Grievances: UBC edition

Ubyssey editors spend a lot of time on campus. As such, we tend to notice things that are wrong with it. The Airing of Grievances is a place to hang-dry all of those minor gripes that don't warrant their own article. New additions will be added to the top as we think of them.

We gotta lot of problems with you, UBC. Now, you're gonna hear about 'em.

- The AMS insists upon calling the new SUB "the Nest."

- The coffee lids at Lowercase don't stay on very well.

- The concrete in the new SUB constantly looks gross.

- Construction and weather.

- Waiting 45 minutes for a squat rack in the BirdCoop during peak hours.

- The BirdCoop staff are some of the most miserable people in the Northern hemisphere.

- The Perch is overpriced and killed The Gallery.

- First-years.

- Connect.

- Nobody will tell us what's going on with the Board of Governors.

- Bike thieves.

- Construction and weather.

- The food lines are longer in the new SUB.

- Please move to the rear of the bus.

- People texting on Main Mall.

- The people on AMS Council who care a lot about representing students during the election period and not the tiniest little bit after they've been elected.

- There's exclusively "local" food available on campus. Unfortunately, this is Vancouver so local = priced as if it's been stewed in unicorn milk and gold dust for 300 years.

- No more half-price Fridays at The Delly