Take the ‘Which UBC AMS Executive Are You’ quiz to find out how little you actually know about your student government


Former AMS VP Academic and University Affairs Daniel Lam just created what might be the most adorably dorky UBC-themed BuzzFeed quiz possible — a “Which UBC AMS Executive Are You?” quiz.

The questions run from “what do you do after council?” — council is on Wednesday nights so for those of you who don't spend your time there, I'll go ahead and assume you're either at the Pit or at Bims — to “where do you travel to often?” to “what alcohol are you?”

The last was a bold question if you ask me — remember that time AMS presidential candidate Jesse Hooton made a joke about not wanting to sound too “fruity” for saying he would be peach-flavoured Growers cider if he were an alcoholic beverage?

It's only six questions long and today is Friday, so it's not like you can't spare 30 seconds to take it.

I got current VP Academic and University Affairs Max Holmes, while coordinating and features editors Jack Hauen and Moira Wyton both got Student Services Manager Marium Hamid.

If the idea of this quiz made you at all excited, then — I hate to break it to you — you might be a dork. But that's alright, because if you're this excited over a quiz about student executives, then you'll definitely be even more excited to participate in student democracy and vote in the upcoming AMS elections, right? Right?