Another day, another car on the stairs

Okay UBC, it’s time we had a little talk about our stairs. They are not a road in which you drive.

I get it, exams are done and we’re all excited to leave our UBC bubble, but let’s keep to the streets people! I will personally argue with our hawk-like parking ticket people for you if you exceed your time limit — if you promise to not drive down any more stairs.

Seriously, where are you planning on going? Because I don’t think you can reverse. You’ve probably just created a longer stay at UBC for yourself than if you'd parked on the street. The Calendar posted perhaps the most amazing caption alongside the minivan outside of Totem Park residence stating, “When mom says be home by 11:30 and it's 11:28...” with a man packing up his things, seemingly unconcerned about his parking job.

Last month, Vancity Buzz declared British Columbia “the worst drivers in Canada" and I hate to say it, UBC, but we’re proving this to be true. This is the fifth incident on campus since fall 2014, and UBC made national news. We even made a game about it. To be fair, that was four accidents in two weeks — but let’s not allow history to repeat itself.