You asked, we answered: Four sudokus.

Is this even functional? What is one Video Editor Josh McKenna head worth in sudoku? Thomas McLeod

We get it. You look forward to one certain thing every two weeks in our print issue: it’s not our award-winning journalism, our vibrant culture section or our questionably funny humour writing.

It’s sudoku.

With all the pain and suffering in the world, sometimes the number box is all we have to get us through the day.

As this commenter pointed out, taking out the sudokus constitutes pure, uncut cowardice on our part, and we want to take this opportunity to apologize and correct this injustice, following which the entire editorial board will resign outright.*

We see you, we hear you.
We see you, we hear you. Thomas McLeod

We have included four (count ‘em, four) new sudokus in this issue to make up for our egregious mistake — see page 19.

Peace and love,

The Ubyssey Editorial

*This statement is not approved by our coordinating editor.