April Fools’ 2015 roundup

April Fools’ 2015 has come and gone without, to the disappointment of many, a single car appearing on the clock tower (or equivalent). That said, UBC’s campus wasn’t entirely devoid of pranks on this most hallowed of days — though we can’t attest to their quality.

As has become somewhat of a tradition over the past few years, someone (or a particularly creative team) took it upon him or herself (or themselves) to fill the Main Mall fountain with bubbles. It seems to us that this enterprising individual either restocked the fountain with the solution over the course of the day or used a particularly potent formula, as the bubbles are still in the fountain as of the evening of April 2.

We’re not entirely sure about the purpose behind this next stunt. A few of our editors were surprised to see the Goddess of Democracy statue covered with caution tape and with a pylon on her head on their morning walk to the office. It’s unclear to us whether this was meant to be artistic political commentary or someone simply thought that it would be amusing to see a statue with a pylon on its head, but either way the offending materials were soon taken down.

Aside from these two tasteful, subtle and creative (and certainly not sarcastic) pranks, others included UBC Rec pretending that they were going to lower the height of the wall for next year's Storm the Wall (which momentarily enraged one of our editors) and a magazine that looks a remarkable amount like National Geographic (but has absolutely no affiliation).

Overall, this turned out to be a relatively lacklustre April Fools' -- at least as far as we can tell. If any of you had a prof, RA, friend or stranger pull a Bart Simpson-worthy prank on you, though, share it in our comments and show that UBC does have a comedic side to it.