Kiss someone cuter than your ex at the mule kissing booth outside the Nest until 3 p.m. today!

Pucker up and kiss the best creature on four legs. File Jack Hauen

Whether you’ve got a Valentine or not, there’s no excuse not to kiss some ass this Valentine's Day.

The UBC Equestrian Club is hosting a kissing booth until 3 p.m. outside the Nest today with Monro, a mini-mule. While we can’t vouch for his kissing abilities (yet), the club will be collecting donations in exchange for a Polaroid of your smooch. Instagram it to make your ex jealous or just send the photo to your parents so they know you’re not spending this Valentine’s Day alone.

And if Monro is indeed the “cutest mini-mule ever,” make sure you show him some love and brush your teeth first!