The best tasting snow on campus

The best part is it’s all free. File The Ubyssey

It’s a well-regarded fact that the water around UBC is some of the best tasting in the world. When that water becomes snow, something special happens. As any expert snow-taster will tell you, there is a wide range of flavours awaiting you all around campus, and the best part is it’s all free. Here’s a list of the top places on campus to eat snow.*

Honourable mention: By the Earth Sciences Building

Nestled on Main Mall, the snow near the Earth Sciences Building has a distinctly 'sharp' flavour to it that may not be everyone’s cup of snow, but it certainly deserves a nod. There is also a beautiful metaphor with the proximity to the Earth Science Building, because snow is an integral part of the water cycle.

Totem Field

A hidden gem far from the usual tasting spots on campus, the snow out on Totem Field has complex 'earthy' and 'floral' notes which makes it a vital destination for eating snow.

Roof of the Nest

The altitude gives the snow found on the roof of the Nest an amazingly 'fresh' and 'clear' taste. It’s not as fancy as the previous two, but it truly nails the classic, no-bells-and-whistles taste of snow that is loved by all.

Santa Ono’s Front Yard

The forest location gives the snow in Santa Ono’s front yard a very 'woody' flavour as well as an amazingly crisp texture. While we certainly do not encourage trespassing, the fear of getting caught adds much to the entire tasting experience.

*The Ubyssey wishes to remind everyone that snow with any sign of discolouration is unfit for human consumption.