The best Storm the Wall team names

It’s almost time for one of UBC’s most storied traditions -- Storm the Wall begins on Sunday, and all the teams are registered. Some will compete for glory and scale the wall with graceful ease, and others will puke the second they drag their hungover self past the starting line.

Regardless of skill level, everyone has a chance to impress their peers right off the bat by choosing the punniest name they can think of. Here are The Ubyssey’s top picks, sorted by categories we pulled out of our asses at the last second.

Of course we have to start with:

Wall puns

1. George Stormthewallpoulus

2. ’till the sweat drop down my walls

3. Warm The Stall

4. Wallhax

5. Wall Is Life

Honorable mentions:

Wall About That Bass

Wall Busters

Wall Me Maybe

Wall so Hard



Walls of Steel


Team Wall-y Buono

Storm, The Walrus

I want it Wall

It’s Been So Long, We Have Blue Walls

Faculty specific names

1. DELETE FROM Teams WHERE ahead_of_us

2. Flossoraptors

3. Ladies and Dentalmen

4. Do These Protons Make My Mass Look Big?

5. Pharmastormus Rx

Honorable mentions:

Molar Bears

Kinner Kinner Chicken Dinner

KINtucky fried chicken



Movie/TV/video game references

1. Team QWOP

2. Mighty Morphin Stock Exchangers

3. Wii Not Fit

4. The Eh Team

5. The Flexorcists

Honorable mentions:

Prestige Worldwide

Channel 4 News Team


Other pop culture references

1. Bed, Bath and Beyonce

2. Cirque Du Sore Legs

3. It’s the Climb


5. Tanking for McDavid

Honorable mentions:

Attila and the Huns

Viagra Falls

Five Guys Hurdles and Tries


Assorted puns we also enjoyed

1. Swaghetti Yolognese

2. The Alpacalypse

3. Chafing the Dream

4. Flooressence

5. Brew Crew

Honorable mentions:

Cereal Killers

An act of Gord