Bored? Here are some things to spice up your summer

Since the school year is finally over, you now have time to do all those things that you promised yourself you would during the school year. Talk about best summer ever!

Here are some activities that you can do during your summer break from university.

Develop an exercise routine

If you didn’t feel like you had time to exercise or just weren’t motivated, now’s your chance! Exercising will make you feel more energized during the day and improve your sleep quality. Or go on a bike ride with your friends — you’ll feel great and get to catch up with them!

Update your LinkedIn

Updating your LinkedIn profile gives viewers the latest glimpse into your accomplishments and your current goals. It can lead to more connections and more job opportunities. Whenever you get involved with a new club, find a new job or edit your bio, it's a great time to update your profile. #Boss.

Catch up with your favourite shows and movies

Since you don’t want to work the entire summer, why not sit back, relax and watch some TV? During the school year, I made a list of shows and movies that I planned to watch during the summer that I didn’t have time to watch during the school year. So, I guess I've got to get to work.

Pick up a new book

Reading over the summer helps with maintaining an active learning mindset while not in school and strengthens reading comprehension. Reading may not be as exciting as most forms of entertainment for most people, but try finding out what you like to read and you might just find yourself immersed in the storyline.

Learn new skills

Whether it be improving your writing or raccoon-taming, upgrading your skills is a good use of your time! You can practice what you love, connect with other enthusiasts, learn new things and of course, make yourself look good to all those employers.

Re-evaluate your study strategies

Sometimes it can be hard to re-adjust our study strategies during the term when life is moving so fast and you have to stick with what you know. Once you have time to relax, you can de-stress and seek out improvements that can make your school year less stressful.


Delete documents and emails that are taking up massive amounts of storage and are not needed anymore. You can also declutter without digital devices by donating items that you don’t use anymore. 

Of course, there are more ways to spend your summer, but these are a few ideas to get yourself started. Even if you have to take a summer course, I hope that you can find a few of these activities helpful and enjoyable during your summer break. Happy summer!