Camp out at UBC during the transit strike with all your fellow tired students

You’re probably failing most of your courses, your social life is the equivalent to people leaving your ‘let’s party tonight’ texts on read and you’re down to your last $20.

Did you think things couldn’t get any worse?

Wait for it... here comes the full transit strike.

Last week of classes is the only week you were actually going to attend school but now with the transit strike, your 10 per cent attendance could actually go down to 0!

But fear not. Join us and 1,000 other tired UBC students in camping outside Main Mall from November 27 to November 29. Bring your tents, sleeping bags and some marshmallows to pass around.

This would no doubt be a much better living situation than your current tiny dorm room that you share with your 10 roommates. So, ditch your cramped living spaces to freeze to death but actually make it to class next week!

Grubgrab has sponsored the event and would be giving the tired campers free meals on Friday!

Come out for a few nights of campfire songs with the added benefit of finally seeing for yourself what the insides of your classrooms look like.