Coke-for-hugs machine returns to UBC

"Whatcha thinkin' 'bout?" "I don't know. Coke stuff, I guess."

The most lovable vending machine — also known as “The Hugging Coca Cola Machine” — is back at UBC after a year-and-a-half break. Standing tall in the Student Recreational Centre is Coca Cola’s signature red and white text with the words “Hug Me” front and centre. It’s kind of hard to miss.

Students have been lining up and hugging it all day today. Apparently money can’t buy you love, but a little love can get you a Coke — not a bad deal for broke university students.

According to Coca Cola’s website, their intention with this campaign was to “spread some happiness in an otherwise tense environment.” Good placement UBC – on campus and right outside the gym.

Around the world are a dozen other machines like this intended to bring some joy into their customer’s lives. Among the most popular are the “Bust a Move!” “Happiness Strikes” and the “Tis the Season for Song,” which were featured in South Korea, New York and Sweden respectively. The “Hugs = Happiness” campaign, which started in 2012, is yet another way for Coca Cola to entice their customers.

The locations of these vending machines appear to be sporadic and we’re not quite sure how long it will be around this time, so make your way over to the SRC and show some love to the hugging Coca Cola machine.