Just when you thought UBC couldn’t close off more pedestrian pathways, they prove you wrong

Cherihan Hassun

According to a press release from UBC Campus and Community Planning, a significant portion of Wesbrook Mall is now temporarily closed to pedestrians for safety reasons.

The area that’s closed lies in between the new UBC bus exchange and the Student Union Boulevard outside of the Gage residence buildings. UBC is building new student residences near this area, which means that, once again, UBC’s sisyphean construction projects have made maneuvering around this campus a little more complicated. Students are encouraged to use the pathway along the east side of the Aquatic Centre instead.

UBC Campus and Community Planning
UBC Campus and Community Planning

On the flip side, the pathway between the Nest, the Aquatic Centre and the UBC bus loop opened back up on February 5.

The press release also announced that construction on the Focal building and the controversial Macinnes Field and Parkade will begin this month and end in November 2019.