The (maybe) most haunted places at UBC

UBC is known to have a lot of haunted areas and a lot of ghosts. However, I think there are a lot more than we think there are. In the four years I’ve spent here, I’ve come across a lot of places that give me chills or have paranormal vibes. Here are a few of the places I think are haunted.

The fountain by the UCLL

This fountain is usually empty except for the Toy Boat sculpture in the middle of it. Every time I see it I have chills, whether that’s from how creepy the Titanic-esque boat looks or how ominously quiet the courtyard is. I think a ghost haunts the fountain, which is why there’s rarely water in it. It probably pulls the drains open every time someone tries to fill it.

First floor of Koerner Library

This place used to be a separate library called Sedgewick, which made me want to see it and experience the oldness of the place. What I realized after a few visits was that this basement – usually swelteringly hot – has a cold feeling travel through it once in a while. I opened up Portnoy’s Complaint by Philip Roth once to read it and I felt chills throughout my body. I couldn’t read it for longer than five minutes from the bad vibes and stains all over the pages.

Third-floor washroom in the Nest

Once I was in this washroom and toilets kept flushing in the other stalls. Nobody else was there. A ghost definitely haunts this place and probably the AMS office across from it.

The geography building

Geography is one of those buildings that I feel most arts students have had a class in, and we all know how cold it is. Here’s an idea: it’s a ghost. This building is so old and drafty that the only logical explanation is that the draft is actually a ghost walking through you. I think it’s friendly because it didn’t hurt me after all those years in geography.