The cuulest places to Juul on campus

Very cuul. Elizabeth Wang

Now that everyone has made the switch from smoking a pack a day to vaping way more than that, we need to consider its aesthetics. Where is the cuulest place to Juul? Where can you flex the most? Where can you take in the breathtaking views of campus while literally taking your breath away? Where can you do all this while remaining six metres away from doors, windows and air intakes?

In the middle of the Martha Piper Fountain

Right in the middle of everything, everyone can see you hitting the Juul. “Whoa, what’s that cool cloud of vapour coming from the fountain? Is it part of the water?” the curious will ask as they approach, only to see you vaping, looking extremely cool.

On top of the Cairn

Vaping is way cooler than vandalism. Everyone on south campus will be like “wow that person is so cool! They’re vaping on top of that big E!” as you look beyond the masses at the view of Main Mall. Someone will paint a portrait of you vaping on the Cairn to commemorate the litness of sitting on top of it with a Juul. Very cuul.

On a skateboard in a pedestrian priority area

Everyone already finds your vape cloud annoying, why not be more annoying by skateboarding into pedestrian traffic while blowing sick clouds? Maybe someone will even write a post about you on UBC Confessions or reddit!

Amongst the mushroom steam vents

Hidden amongst the steam vents that look like mushrooms a vape cloud appears. It is from you, laying on the ground, hitting the Juul and adding to the vapour-filled mystery of the area. People assume you are a steam vent too. They’ve been fooled.