How to survive the next six months of rain and cold

Head inside, put on some warm socks, a sweater and maybe even a toque. File Ben Geisberg

November is upon us, which means that the rain is here to stay until May, the days are getting shorter and it’s only getting colder. For a lot of people, this dreary weather makes it a bit harder to get through the day. Here are some tips for getting through it.

Learn to appreciate the environment

If you go for a walk in the November weather, you might realize just how beautiful the season is. The rain is back after a summer of dry weather and fires. The grass is green again, the air is fresher and the the cold rain feels amazing when you let it fall on your skin.

Get cozy

Head inside, put on some warm socks, a sweater and maybe even a toque. Look out the window and think about how warm you are inside. Appreciate the cozy lighting, the seating, the fact that you’re protected from the weather indoors. Have a cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate to really make yourself feel comfy.

Consider Vitamin D

Vitamin D intake can impact your mood. Our major source of Vitamin D is from UVB rays from the sun. Without the sun, you’re not getting as much as you should be getting — and while orange juice, milk and various cereals are often fortified with Vitamin D, it still might not be enough. Talk to a doctor about taking Vitamin D supplements, and see if that can help at all.

Ask for help

If you feel down, stressed or otherwise impacted by the changing seasons, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Reach out to friends, family or other people you trust. Free counselling services are also there to help you build the skills you need to get through the darker, sadder seasons of the year. Remember that you’re not alone and help is near.