Arts students kick ‘E Week’ up a notch, join engineers in pranking Sauder

The sign now spells ”UBC Arts School of Busin ss.” r/UBC

After the engineers stole the E’s off of the Sauder School of Business sign in front of the Henry Angus Building, the arts students decided to kick things up a notch.

Through rearranging around some letters, the sign now spells “UBC Arts School of Busin ss” which keeps intact the engineers original prank.

UBC arts students aren’t particularly known for pranks — we're too busy working at Starbucks, of course — but now that it's the middle of Arts week, now is essentially a better time than ever for them to cause mischief. It's also pretty great how the sign looks even more dilapidated than in its previous incarnation. As one Redditor wrote, “[t]hose letters are literally taped on to the sign.”

So what will happen next? Will LFS students go full-on nihilist and remove everything? Or will some SFU student who is still angry about the meme war staple a “SFU Beedie School of Business” sign onto it?

Let’s find out.