Eduardo Naranjo wins the 2022 Ubyssey Community Contribution Award

Eduardo ‘Eddie’ Naranjo is The Ubyssey’s Community Contribution Award winner for 2022.

A Kitsilano Secondary School graduate, Naranjo is an incoming UBC arts student hoping to study political science and law and society. He said journalism is one of his biggest interests and one of the fields he wants to touch on in his time at UBC.

He applied to The Ubyssey’s award with a reported essay on the impact of the pandemic on artistic communities at his school and in his life. The pandemic impacted artists immensely, and Naranjo said he felt this wasn’t being talked about enough.

Naranjo said he applied for the award as he saw it as a “really good opportunity” for him to share his knowledge about a subject he’s passionate about.

The Ubyssey’s Community Contribution Award grants one incoming UBC student from a Vancouver district secondary school a scholarship annually based on a submission of journalistic article. The money to fund this scholarship comes from donations received from Ubyssey alumni over the years. The Ubyssey’s endowment is managed within UBC’s endowment.

Interested in applying for The Ubyssey’s Community Contribution Award? Information on next year’s application process will be released in early 2023.