Faces of UBC: What motivates you?

I have goals and if I want to reach those goals, I know what I have to do.

Kristen Huard, second year

Oh, in midterms? That’s easy. Just be curious.... [It’s] a small world, but what’s afterwards is when it gets more complicated.

Kareem Fakhfakh, second-year Master's

A little to do with my degree. I’m an environmental degree major — which is somewhat known to include some depressing topics. But at the same time, it's pretty inspirational because there’s a lot out there that needs help. Studying something that can potentially change those things motivates me.

Genevieve Schmoeker, fifth-year Environmental Science

Just being here because I’m from New Brunswick. It’s exciting to come here and be here, so I better do good to stay here.

Lori Waugh, first year

What keeps me motivated? Oh that’s a tough one. There’s a lot of different motivations. I guess the big one has to be my family.

Mohamed Elchehimu, fourth year

What motivates me? To better myself everyday, I guess. I’ve often been told I have loads of potential, but I don’t work hard enough. So like, living up to the potential people claim I have.

Ravi Renganathan, fourth year

What motivates me is that I’m from Zimbabwe and, comparing Zim to Canada, there’s a big difference. I would like to go back to Zim one day and hopefully develop Zim to what Canada is like. So my motivation is being given the opportunity of being here and making the most of it and making my family proud.

Panashe Mapokotera, first year

“It’s music. I’m so in love with music and passionate about it that it drives me.”

Shadrina Hapsari Wicaksono, first year

Oh god, what motivates me!? How about the fear of what will happen if I stop?

Garrett Tang, first-year Science

My family, what I want to do after school, my ambitions [and] my passions. I want to get a good job ... I don’t want to fail.

Yakuta Khanbhai, first year