Supplement your learning with these education resources on campus

In high school, concepts are taught with thorough explanation. In university though, students can find themselves in a whirlwind of assignments with ideas being thrown in your face without any guidance. Sometimes you need a little help — and for this midterm season, here are the best tutoring resources available.

AMS offers a great and wide range of tutoring options available to students. Though their website, AMS Tutoring “provides students with a readily available and always up to date schedules for their drop-in group sessions,” according to Saurav Acharya, the AMS tutoring coordinator. There are multiple on-campus locations as well, but the Nest room 2528 is the most popular.

These sessions are free and currently do not suffer from the dread of waitlists. There is even the possibility that these free group-sessions will become one-on-one aids. During midterm season, this tutoring centre gets naturally a bit busier, so plan ahead if you can.

“The earlier you come [in] before an assignment is due, the better [help may be],” Acharya said.

AMS Tutoring is more guided towards the science faculty, but help for commerce and math courses is also a huge part of their program. These types of classes also open the possibility of branching out to further faculties and covering a wider demographic of students in need of help too.

If you prefer having one-on-one tutoring from the comfort of your home, the online forum of is available. This online resource offers tutoring on a variety of subjects, but students will be charged a fee that can be paid through the website itself. Students pay before the session starts but by using the website, the risk of credit card scamming is mitigated.

Finally, there is always the Learning Commons Help Centre. Through their website, students can personalize what kind of help they need. This option is great for students who don’t have heavy workloads full of calculations and graphs but require more attention to their writing and grammar. The Writing Centre, located in the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre, can help you conquer that next essay.