Club Profiles: Find your niche with these unusual and overlooked clubs

MIA is almost guaranteed to make your boredom disappear. File Indiana Joel

Clubs Week at UBC has the uncanny ability to make you feel as desirable as a supermodel or rockstar. A week later, though, you’re beginning to regret the attention as your email freezes up, protesting being signed up for three dozen mailing lists. Unfortunately not all clubs are created equal, and that means that some really niche groups get lost in the cracks and don’t end up reaching their full audience. That’s why we’ve scoured through all 400 AMS-affiliated clubs and, after eliminating the dance clubs, went through the remaining 50 to find the clubs that we think haven’t gotten the attention they deserve!

UBC Birding Club

First up, we want to introduce you to the UBC Birding Club! Organizing trips to the hottest flock spots around campus and the Lower Mainland, this group pledges a deep respect for both the winged, as well as the nature around them. If you feel like you want to change your perspective, why not try a birds-eye view of things?

The Magicians and Illusionists Association

The MIA – no paper planes here – is a club on campus with plenty of events to participate in throughout the year, ranging from improving your card-handling skills to watching some professional magic! This club is almost guaranteed to make your boredom disappear – with magic.

UBC Speedcubing Club

We’ve all had the moment where, as we wander through the aisles of a Dollar Store, we see a Rubik’s Cube in all it’s colourful glory and think, “if only I was as good as that guy who juggle-solved three of these on YouTube.” Well, we’re not getting any younger and those Guinness Records are made to be broken, so take the first step with our homegrown Speedcubers! Don’t be a rube, it’s time to cube.

UBC Hoop and Flow Arts Club

We’re gonna slow this train down and pull into “Wholesome Station,” otherwise known as UBC Hoop and Flow Arts Club. Dedicated to any and all forms of “flow arts,” including juggling, dragon staff, and hula-hooping, this club definitely boasts a broad appeal. From their categorization set as “Hoopers, dancer, and fun-loving people,” to their reassurance that “[e]veryone's at different levels and it's okay to have never flowed before!,” this group brings a tear to my eye and a strength to my core.

UBC Knitting & Sewing Club

If you’re feeling warm and fuzzy on the inside after reading about the Hoop and Flow Arts Club, you can get that same feeling on the outside by crafting something with the UBC Knitting & Sewing Club! Boasting sewing machines and materials galore, give this club a shot and you may find yourself leaving in stitches.

UBC Signs of the AMS

You’ve always wanted to learn another language, why not make the world a bit more accessible at the same time? UBC Signs encourages you to do both those things by committing themselves to making ASL more prevalent on campus and the world at large.

UBC Cyber Seniors

We want to show off the UBC Cyber Seniors club. Set on encouraging techno-literacy for the older generations, this group wants to ensure that your grandparents can Skype with the best of ‘em! With regular volunteering sessions at a local seniors’ home, you can join up to help connect family and friends in 1080p, giving you a karmic reservoir the size of Mars.

To see the hundreds of other interest groups on campus, check out the AMS Clubhouse site!