Get your flu shot at these locations on campus

Winter is coming and so is influenza. Just when you thought the warmth of fall lingered — Achoo! With one contraction of the diaphragm, the person next you has plagued you with millions of savage viruses. HOLD ON! This year, The Ubyssey's got your back!

UBC offers free flu shots from October 26 to November 10 at a number of locations and times around campus. Have an awkward 70-minute class gap? Need an excuse to take a break from mid-term cramming? Show up to one of these stations, as you'll not only be preventing yourself from catching the flu, but also protecting your friends and family from being contaminated by your nasal droplets (Ew! We know!).

If you are not available for the range of dates, pharmaceutical clinics at Shoppers Drug Mart and the faculty of pharmaceutical sciences at UBC also offer free flu shots. You can either book an appointment at pharmaceutical sciences or simply drop by the pharmacy section at Shoppers for your flu shot next time you line up for your deodorant and shampoo.  

Vaccination takes no longer than 10 minutes and is safe. The flu shot uses a dead virus. This stamps the memory of the virus into your immune system, thus creating an autonomous defense from future exposure of the virus. Vaccination is the most preventative measure against the common flu — especially when combined with good hand hygiene, eating well, getting fresh air and exercise.

Bring your friends so they can hold your hand when the needle stings — you know no one wants to hug a potentially sick bear.