Tired? You can gift shop for your whole family at the UBC Bookstore

Between studying for midterms, being sad about the rain, resenting the sun for setting before 4:30 p.m. and sweating over finals, when is there time to go holiday shopping for the ones you love? Look no further than the bus loop — the UBC Bookstore has got you covered! In the Bookstore, you can get out of the rain and into the Holiday spirit with some way-too-conveniently-located for time-stressed spend-happy students holiday shopping!

You can get your Dad a UBC Dad T-shirt in navy blue or white. You can also get your mum a UBC Mom T-shirt in navy blue or grey. Described by the UBC Bookstore as “a must-have for any proud mom,” and “the perfect gift for the proud Dad in your life,” you needn’t ask yourself: “Will they like it?” while you’re considering your purchase — you need only ask yourself: “Are they proud of me?”

Once Mom and Dad are covered, it’s time to think of other miscellaneous family members - like your siblings or second-cousins-thrice-removed. Why not bring them the UBC student experience this holiday season by purchasing them a UBC Classic Crew Neck Sweater. You’re quirky and cool so you don’t even own one yourself, but no sibling is gonna turn down the opportunity to feel like they too attend one of Canada’s consistently-ranked-in-the-top-3 universities.

Is your newly-graduated-from-post-secondary cousin feeling down about the job market? Don’t worry! UBC Bookstore sells “executive clothing.” You can’t help them in the job search — they’re your competition after all — but, for $94.99 (on sale!), you can buy your cousin the UBC Executive Dress Shirt Anchor Gingham Plaid and help them look employable.

For the athletic family member, what’s stopping you from buying them some Thunderbird apparel? Who doesn’t want to look like — or at least, feel like — a Varsity athlete?

Did your sister just have a baby? The baby might like some UBC apparel too! It’s never too soon to pressure your young family member into making the same life choices you did by gifting them UBC crested shirts as an infant.

Feeling the need to buy a trinket for a friend from highschool that you keep in touch with semi-annually? Gifting them a BC-shaped vinyl decal that says UBC on it will leave them thinking: “Wow, so creative,” and saying out loud: “Thank you.”

For your friend that loves to cook or clean, consider the illustrated UBC tea towel. It may be hard to give it away after you see that it not only features the Martha Piper fountain, but also the Cairn and IKB - but the holidays are a time of giving and sacrifice!

Your shopping spree will leave you wondering: what can I wrap all my presents in? UBC Bookstore knew that you would ask this. They’re not a university bookstore for no reason! They’re very smart. Which is why, for two-cents less than $12.00, you can brand your UBC Bookstore gifts to your heart’s desire by tossing a UBC-branded shiny silver foil seal on your already-wrapped gift. Happy holidays!