99 things to do at UBC: The university of building construction

I for one look forward to the university’s construction finally being completed in 2132. Zubair Hirji

#56 – Get lost in UBC’s construction on the way to the bus loop

The University of Building Construction amiright?

I for one look forward to the university’s construction finally being completed in 2132. But, until then, we have to deal with the constant worksites that dot the campus.

All I had to do was make it from the Nest to the bus loop without getting lost in a construction site. At first I thought I did it, but the bus I was waiting to open was actually a portable office full of construction workers that yelled at me.

Wandering around, I kept seeing things that reminded me of buses — such as cranes, bulldozers and guys in hardhats — but no dice.

Maybe if I wait long enough they’ll just build a bus loop where I’m standing?

#66 – Go to a prof’s office hours

The professor-student relationship is delicate. These people are a wealth of knowledge and an imperative aspect of your education at UBC.

You need to be known, but not so known that everyone hates you.

I was going to go to my professor’s office hours to instigate an academic dialogue that would fully enrich my understanding of the course material.

I arrived on the dot to when they started, parking myself outside the hall — and then I quickly realized something: I looked like a huge freaking nerd.

With my books on my lap and my eyes gleaming for intellectual validation, I must have looked like the most boring human to ever exist. Soon the professor might start calling on me by name in lectures and then everyone is think of me as the annoying keener of the class. I had got to get out of here, I thought.

Before I could leave the professor appeared — mouth and hands full of sandwiches — and said, “Oh great, you must be here for my office hours.”

I sputtered out a “yes” and we went inside.

As soon as we sat down he started making fun of me. When I told him my name he said, “You should change it from Tristan to Nerd, because that’s what you are.”

I kept trying to talk about the course material, asking specific questions about lecture topics I didn’t understand, but he kept interrupting me by saying “nerd!”

After about five minutes of this he got up and told me I had to go, because “I can only deal with keeners for so long.”

I somehow understand way less now.