Alleviate that mid-term cold with these home life-savers

It’s flu and cough season at UBC. File Cherihan Hassun

It’s flu and cough season at UBC. People are blowing their noses and spewing their germs around you. If not, maybe you’re that person, being tortured by sickness during midterm season. If you’re like me (someone who tries to avoid doctors at all costs), fret not — I have a list of mum-approved home remedies for you!

Vicks VapoRub

Do not lie to me, I know your mum has this lying around in her medicine cabinet. Apply and massage Vicks VapoRub around your neck and wrap a towel around it. It also helps to apply some on your back. Its cooling sensation will definitely give you relief and a hopefully coughless good night’s sleep. If you have someone to help you out, hey, you’d get a free massage too.

Salt water

This remedy is extremely useful when your instinct tells you you’re getting sick soon. Gargling salt water multiple times can prevent any upcoming suffering in your throat that accompanies the season.

Honey water or NeoCitran

Boil a cup of water and simply mix a tablespoon or two of honey in. Not only will you be enjoying something sweet — which I reckon is way better than any bitter meds — you will also feel way better in no time. An alternative you can get at the pharmacy is NeoCitran!

Lots of water

Sometimes, we disregard the simplest things. I bet your mum has told you over and over again to hydrate yourself and we can’t deny that mothers are always right. Drinking warm to hot water can help break up phlegm in your throat and rid the irritation.

And for those of you with Medical Services Plan, you can get your flu shots right on campus at Shoppers Drug Mart or look out for flu shots happening in the Nest some time in the year.

Now, what are you waiting for?