How to keep your dorm from becoming a greenhouse this summer

The best preventative measure to keeping the heat out of your room is to keep your blinds closed. File The Ubyssey

Every summer, we’re welcomed by the glorious sun we haven’t seen since September and cursed by the heat and humidity. Thanks to climate change, everything gets hotter and hotter each summer and it can make your room feel like a greenhouse by the time the sun sets. No more tossing and turning in a pool of your own sweat as you try to sleep! Here’s some tips to keeping your room cool through the tormenting months of summer.

Keep your blinds closed

I know you want to see the beauty of the great outdoors, but the best preventative measure to keeping the heat out of your room is to keep your blinds closed when the sun is facing into your window. If you have a south-facing window, I’m so sorry — you may not see the view until it’s over.

Place your fan strategically in front of the window

If any cooler air is coming in from outside — especially at night and at sunset — placing your fan near or in the window (securely) can help propel that colder air at you, so that your fan isn’t just circulating hot air.

Consider getting an air conditioner

Portable and window air conditioners can be pricey, but if your room is a tragic greenhouse, it might be worth the money. If you can’t afford that, try putting a bowl of ice water in front of your fan for a similar effect.

Use the stove as little as possible

That excess hot air is going to make everything worse. If you can, eat foods that don’t require cooking, or use heat sparingly. Heck, eating something cold that doesn’t require cooking might help you cool down even more!

Put a fan near your feet or head while you sleep

Your body releases excess heat at your feet and your head, and I’ve found that when you have a fan at your extremities helps when you’re trying to cool down. When I’ve had troubles sleeping in a hot room, letting my feet peek out from under the blanket to get that cool air really helps.