How to make friends in online classes

Seriously though, you need to go to office hours. File Geoff Lister

With classes and clubs being online, it can be difficult to make friends. You can’t turn to the person next to you in a lecture to ask them what’s going on and private messaging someone on Zoom isn’t always available. Here are some ideas for how to reach out and make friends in a time where it might feel more daunting than ever.

Randomly message someone on Canvas

I mean, it is October now so it might be a little weird, but you could message someone based on how inviting they seem or if they have posted something on the discussion board you ‘resonated with.’

Compliment someone’s virtual background or profile picture

I did this once in my discussion section and we hadn’t even encountered each other in a breakout room or anything like that. Keep your expectations low but don’t let this get you down.

Attach yourself to someone in a breakout room

This has good results if used correctly. You can continue to build on the interaction in the breakout room and allow your friendship to blossom. First it's talking about homework and before you know it, you’ll see a meme and think of them.

Go to office hours

Who says you can’t be friends with your professors and TAs? You already have one thing in common! Seriously though, you need to go to office hours.

Find Facebook group chats for your classes

This is a great equivalent to turning to your neighbour in a lecture and asking for help, especially since you have access to more than one person.

Use your pets

If you have the opportunity for your dog or cat to be in your video, this is the greatest thing you can do. You will be known for having said animal, which brings them joy, and through association, you will bring them joy. You’re welcome.

Join a club

Are you surprised that I’m mentioning this? Student clubs are still running, but now on Zoom. Classes aren’t the only way to make friends, and it's still helpful for your grades to keep up a healthy social life on the side.