The moon is going to get weird tonight

Screengrab courtesy NASA.

The Super Blood Moon might sound like the newest addition to the Twilight franchise, but really it’s just a super cool lunar event happening tonight (Sunday, September 27).

With the moon as close as it can be to Earth, it will look up to 14 per cent larger than normal and much brighter. Paired with a lunar eclipse, it promises to be an interesting night. The moon will enter Earth’s shadow and be illuminated only by the bending rays of the sun on the other side of Earth. This will make the moon appear to be a dark red or rust colour — hence the name “Blood Moon.”

The last time Earth saw a Super Blood Moon was in 1982 making this Super Blood Moon the first in many of our lifespans. The next one won’t be until 2033 when I’ll be a real adult and probably have a mortgage — which quite honestly is a more terrifying thought than something called a “Super Blood Moon.”

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Unfortunately for us Vancouverites, we’re not in an ideal viewing position for the eclipse as it will be happening almost as soon as it gets dark. Around 7:30 p.m. tonight will be the start of the eclipse. But don’t fret! No special devices are necessary to watch — just your eyes. Even if you’re just outside between about 8:30 and 9:30 p.m. (the peak of the eclipse), raise your eyes to the sky to enjoy the sight.

If you're looking to experience the whole event in its bloody super glory, head over to the HR Macmillan Space Centre where a viewing will be taking place – although it won’t be free. NASA will be livestreaming the eclipse if you’d like to see what it looks like from other parts of North America.

As with most events involving the night sky, try to get to a place where light pollution is as low as possible. Head to a park, beach or open field to get the best viewing of the moon. Even something as simple as turning off your lights and tucking away your phone for a while will greatly improve your Super Blood Moon viewing!