A modest proposal to change the 68 and the 480 busses to the 69 and 420

Nice. File Alirod Ameri

Every once in a while, someone posts something on the UBC Confessions Facebook page that people collectively rally around. Be it relatable, extremely personal or absurd, the page is full of absolute gems.

Well, they’ve done it again.

A post on the UBC Confessions on June 20 proposed that Translink rename two bus routes at UBC, the 68 and the 480, based on the success the community has had in swaying transit plans before. The post states that they would be much better to be named the 69 and the 420.

“We would no doubt be the best university in Canada if visitors were to come to our campus, and observe buses saying “420 UBC" or "69 UBC EXCHANGE,”” read the anonymous post.

The post urges people to join in changing the routes’ names, just as the community had prevented the 480 bus from being cancelled in 2017. Because of successes in the past with Translink, there seems to be a glimmer of hope that maybe this one will work too.

The comments on the post range from “Nice” to “nice,” which seems to encompass the general opinion of the UBC Confessions community on this idea.

Students have tried and failed with one hilarious petition in the year, but maybe 2019 will be the year we get two bus routes to become living memes. It will certainly take a lot of convincing from the community to get Translink to consider this change, but if they put in enough effort maybe things can change. Maybe soon we will all be able to look at the buses passing us by on Wesbrook Mall and say “nice.”