No more free condoms in residence. Here's where to get them instead

Curious how UBC raises the rent of student housing, but takes away our free condoms...

After the end of a partnership with a major condom company in January 2015, UBC 's Wellness Centre no longer has access to the 20 to 30 thousand free condoms they used to supply. The most notable change from this is that residence advisers can no longer provide students in on-campus housing the free ones they used to. Safe sex is important folks, but students are notoriously poor. Here are some places you can still snag a few free rubbers if the need should occur.

The Wellness Centre

Students can get up to three free condoms each from the Wellness Centre located in the basement of Irving K. Barber. You can also buy some for 25 cents a piece if buying a box doesn't strike your fancy.

Sexual Assault Service Centre (SASC)

SASC leaves free condoms outside their door at all times. Located on the third floor of the Nest by the main elevators, keep an eye out for a colourful little bowl that many students glare at nervously while they ponder taking a handful in public.

Nurses in Residence

Free condoms aren't completely absent from residences. Thanks to the Nurse in Rez program, a nurse sets up a booth once a week in one the university's residences — specifically Walter Gage, Place Vanier, Totem Park or Orchard Commons. No matter where the nurse is, they bring a limited — but free — supply of condoms.

With files from Ho Mathew Yiu-Chung